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Folly Magazine, Issue 001, 2023

The Sun is a Star a voyage through the universe, by Dick Frizzell 2021

Collaborations on display at the Sarjeant, by Anne-Marie McDonald 2016

There is a crack in everything..that's how the light gets in by Kathryn Mitchell  2014.  Show Catalogue

Art New Zealand issue#145 Pages 60 -63 by Tessa Laird.  2013

Landfall Magazine Auckland Issue, Artist page,  2013

Discombobulated Artist Publication edition 500.  2013

It's all about the image by Dick Frizzell 2011, Godwit Press

Art News, Tell me sweet lies by Virginia Were 2010

Seen this Century by Warwick Brown, 2009,  Godwit Press

New Zealand Portraits by Richard Wolfe, 2008.  Random House

Pilot Magazine, Suicidal Budgies and Sailor Tattoos, by Celi Murphy, 2008

Plastic Myth, First Draft Gallery Publication, by James Steel, 2006

Birds, The art of New Zealand Bird life, by Helen Kedgely, 2006

Pavement Magazine, Sam Mitchell, by Hanna Scott, 2005

Art News, Fully Booked, by Virginia Were, 2005

Artspace Uncanny, The unnaturally Strange, by Rhana Davenport, 2005

Foxy Moron Magazine, Artist Page, 2004


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